Who has ever said my lashes are too long?

Longer, healthier, fuller, bolder lashes and brows with less hair loss. Can be used with lash extensions.

Apply twice daily for 28 consecutive days for incredible results. Gently massage excess into the base of lash or brow. Product can be used with lash extensions

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Our Brow & Lash Growth Serum is powered with a high percentage (5%) of Capixyl derived from Red Clover Extract and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, a biomimetic peptide which will strengthen, lengthen, thicken and stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth.

Clinical data results have proven significant increase in hair growth and density while preventing hair loss.

• Hair density increased by 79% creating fuller, bolder lashes.
• Hair grew 3 times faster than normal rate at a minimum.
• 46% new lash grow at a minimum.
• -52% hair loss.

(Above results of clinical data were based on a 2.5% of Capixyl in product. Brow and Lash Serum formula contains 5% of Capixyl which should result in achieving results more rapidly)